RogueMuirHead: Photography and Writing

Hi! I’m Cactus Cherry! Welcome! Who am I? Well, I’m a naturalist who scribbles words and takes lots of photos! Even some of my cats =^.^=

I tend to explore a lot, specifically in the various ecosystems of California. Since moving out here from the East Coast I have fallen in love with the desert. I am also working on creating less waste and finding more ways to be sustainable in this world.

Some of my posts will be some of my travel adventures, nature, my job as a park naturalist and my personal experiences trying to minimize my carbon footprint.

I currently live in the North Bay of Northern California.

This is my voice and experiences, I am not here to claim anything as gospel. Like anyone else, I am one person here to share. I do tend to chug a lot of tea and crave those sunshine daydreams, though. See you on the trails! ❤

Disclaimer: All photos and writings are mine. Unless otherwise stated. Credit will be given to others if a photo is used from another source within a blog post. Any questions or concerns feel free to contact me.