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Happy New Year! I’ve just been Truckin—

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I’ve been gone a while. The skies opened, radiantly. Explosive lights spilling over my skin as I could barely catch a glimpse of what was about the happen. The wind picked up, howling through the hurricane of my mind, saying “it’s time to take you it’s time to take you.” I opened my mouth to fight back but my voice was gone. And in the shadows I became caught, that was when I knew—I would have to just break on through to the otherside….

I wish my time away was as elegant and poetic as that. Suffice to say I have been working nearly everyday with little time off. Since the fires that ravaged Northern California, the holiday season and the New Year flew by me faster that I could have anticipated. I have spent a great amount of time working as a park naturalist which I have found to be one of my many passions. Each day in the outdoors is a new experience as I learn and grow. I have been hoping to follow in the similar footsteps of Edward Abbey and John Muir.

And yet, I still felt stuck somewhere in the clutches of retail. I so badly wanted to create the rest of my path forward. It was on a recent trip to Bishop, when I was returning from the high deserts of the Sierras I received a call from a manager friend at my bookstore gig. In the short legal version I was laid off.

Needless to say I was slightly shocked, but I don’t see this as the end complete end. Rather, a new chapter and this was the kick in the ass I needed. Life effectively has slapped me and given me the chance I need to focus on what I would like to achieve.

In case, you haven’t already noticed I finally got my own domain name and am working on redoing the site. It will be a process, but please be patient. I have many new stories of travels to unveil as well as posting some of my photographs. Thank you for continuing to be here and I hope to have a new post up and waiting for you! As I am no longer working retail I will no longer be writing things under the category “Off Road Retales.” Although once in a while I may wanna take a walk down memory lane.


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