Sunsets While on Duty: Off Road Retales of a Park Aide (extra help)

Location: Spring Lake Region

I had been volunteering here since March. A man made lake in the Sonoma County area this place has become a second home to me. I spend most of my days at a discovery center where I educate the young, feed our resident animals and dwell in the passionate naturalist I have become to be.

During the public hours where our center is open for the general public to come and explore I encounter those who are suprised to find such a building in what appears to be in the middle of a forest. Let alone an actual human being with a park shirt ready to answer questions on the local flora, animals, and of course the recent damage caused by wildfires.

On days when I am alone I can view some of the greatest distances around me, igniting that passion I have come to sieze within myself. No mater what walks of life I see people come from when they reach the windy trails and are encompassed by some of the mountainous forests that erupt around them they are left in awe.

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