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On the Road Again: North Bay Wildfire Updates

Location: Oakland, CA

Hello followers and fellow viewers. The fires continue to rage and the battle is not yet won. I have been told that my neighborhood is clear to return to, so I am returning today to assist in the recovery of the Sonoma and surrounding areas. Many people have been fighting hard and so many have lost their homes. Many people are still missing and several are dead. I know that is such a harsh statement in our society but this is fact. This inferno has been described as the worst since 1933 and in some parts it continues to grow.

There has been such an amazing out pour of support world wide. Thank you so much for the positive vibes and just being there. In any disaster it is sometimes the smallest thought or kindness that helps. And this is what we need right now.

I have heard rumours of price gouging from hotels and business owners. Looters breaking into the homes of those who have evacuated. Obviously this negative shit is not condusive to healing and rebuilding. Remember to keep those around you in mind. I am not sure when I will be back online but for now just thank you and keep on trucking.

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