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Evacuated. Wild Fire Sonoma County.

Location: Oakland, CA

My housemates and I were called to evacuate yesterday. One of the wildfires near Anandel Heights and Oakmont had crested the ridges of the mountains that lined the skyline. Without much thought we threw our bags and quadrapeds in the back of our Prius C and set forth. The world was on fire. The sun fought hard to erect itself on the horizon, only to be covered by smoke. Light ash sprinkled down as I observed some folks with masks waiting by the busstop, suitcases and backpacks in hand. Cars were rolling through working stoplights, panic ensuing. The only desire to survive. As we turned left, passing by the Safeway, the parking lot was still full. People rolling out grochery carts of beer and water. The main necessities of life I guess. For them anyways. Stay hydrated as your whole life burns.

Cars lined up at the entrance to get on 101. North or South, in any direction but here. Blaring their horns to get the whole herd of metalic cattle to move over. Their minds elsewhere on the infinite possibilites. Mainly, “Will I have a home to come back to?”

Those who have already lost so much are struggling to find a path that will be paved for them. Many people are still unaccounted for, having disappeared in the desperate attempt to flee for their lives. Some lost their lives as they had no capacity to evacuate. It is a devastating effect. The fire has turned into an all out war zone. In the Sears Point Area near Highway 37 there is about 65%, the Nuns fire is streaming still. Thousands are homeless and in an area that was already battling with high rent rate this is truly a wake up call.

Most of the evacuations centers are at full capacity, however there are a lot of kind hearted people who are opening there homes, including AirBNB’s who are accepting free evacuees. The smoke continues riddle the skies, blackening the skies. Winds are scheduled to blow in from the northeast. Today of all days this is hell. The embers are raining don and in light of this we need to remember we are together in this. We need to unite as one and comfort those who have lost everything. There is hope beyond this. And we will unite together as one. Take care. Stay safe.

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