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UPDATE! Sonoma County Wildfire

Location: Santa Rosa, CA

My connecction is spotty at best. It is difficult for me to make updates and posts. I am currently safe in my neighborhood, but I know many who have lost their homes due to the turbulent winds that rocked from the ocean’s waves. Due to the high wind gusts power lines got knocked down, igniting various places around te county. We are not the only county to be affected but Calistoga, Marin, Napa included. Thousands have lost their homes and become displaced. Evacuations still ensue as people try to figure out where to go.

From my house over the Annandel ridges I finally saw a break in the smoke, the stars began to shine, however there was still a red glow lingering over the peaks. Reminding me of a Death Valley sunset, I could only stand and watch, then remember. During the day the air quality has been low, masks and scarves don every face who attempt to manage the outside. Most bussinesses are still closed, unsure if they are to open for the public or offer sanctuary.

This is a turning moment where I do not have to post photos for you lot to imagine what this could be like. Some of you may have already seen it on the news and social media. The main point is we all need to band together during this time. Like every single other disaster that has been igniting our planet we need to be strong. Anything can happen at any moment and we need to stay strong. I believe in each of you regardless if you are in this area or not. We can do this for the betterment of our world.

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