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The Beginning. September 2017 Four Corners Trip.

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Arizona and I drove for thousands of miles. Green Day among the many voices that sang our way through the vast orange, red and purple beauty of the South West. It seemed as if we were constantly chasing the lightning storms that roam this area around September each year. Under the cover of night we road in Lady, capturing the darkened skies with brilliant flashes of light in the desert landscape.

The memories of the rocky giants of Monument Valley and the red windows of Arches lying under my mind. These massive buttes erected almost by a mysterious hand. Almost as if there is some deity who wanted a representative on Earth.

From the time we left the North Bay we drove not sure where we were heading. Life can be more interesting like that sometimes. Just flying by the seat of your pants, hiking up to new elements and diving in. Even if that means somehow always driving towards the lightning. Which is what Arizona and I seemed to do. This is the beginning of an interesting trip. One where I met few new souls, followed Arizona’s past and wound up in Abbey Country without ever really planning it. We only had ten days with many roads ahead of us.

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