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Ramblin’ Mad Max: San Francisco Spring 2016

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Location: San Francisco, on the corner of Haight and Ashbury

“Good vampires eat demons. Bad Vampires eat humans.”

A guy who wanted a million dollars and a space ship once told me that. Within his lucid state there was an element of truth to it. The wiry ones usually get the truth right or at least it was the self truth that Max had told himself.

I was in San Francisco one spring evening with Arizona. We had just come from visiting a few friends and were on our way back to the car. Being from the East Coast I had yet to stand at the famous corner of Haight-Ashbury, one of the districts in San Francisco.

This is where we met–

“My name is Max. Did you get that? Similar to that mad bloke or something like that.” His eyes were hazy, his tattered hip clothing mixed with weed and stale cigarettes. He smiled at us as he continued to explain his position, “Others are just too placid in their fancy lives to see it. That those creatures (vampires) wear their faces bold and true with nothing to hide. Unlike we mere humans and the many masks we don.”

I smiled and nodded at his statement as the rain came and went in majestic spurts, “So are humans considered the bad vampires then?”

“Nah–the bad vamps just eat us.” Max’s body swayed as his arms stretched out.

Arizona and I bade him a good evening as we began the walk back to the prius. Our backs towards him he called out one last piece of advice, “Keep SF nude, weird and awesome!”  I turned to see him smile, dropping a pill on his tongue and disappearing into the foggy rain.

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