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Balance on Sonora Pass: Road Trip 2016

Location: Sonora Pass Route 108 to North 395

The lush green valleys encapsulated the mountains with a touch of snow at the top. Arizona and I drove down the windy path following alongside the rushing white waters of the creek. There was a small waterfall falling from the mountain, ice cold from the elevations and the melting snow.

Elevation: 7000+ feet

We pulled over near one of the summit signs. Getting out of the prius, we were overwhelmed by the blinding light the sun reflected from the snow hugging the land. It has been about three or four years since I last saw it in person. Touching the frozen wonder with my bare hands, a tank top and skirt covering my body in the height of June I could only laugh looking at Arizona as I plotted to create a snowball.

“Don’t! Don’t even think about!” She laughed.

Shaking my head I smile, compacting it within my heated hands. The touch was icy, sending a shiver up my spine. I was in awe at this fantastic display of nature. The concoction of each minute detail that swims into existence because of this. How, chemistry at work within the natural world binds everything together to create life and survival.  

The white sustenance paints as it melts, running down the mountain side, fueling the valley and trees.  The snows and rains from the winter season wait and rest with the climate change till the warmest days return to bring life to the valleys below.

I play in a natural made creek, created by the melting snow, freezing compared to the air temperature, I allow my innerself to come to explore. I found rocks, including some pumice stones. There are dormant volcanoes lingering around this area.

Looking at my mobile, there is no signal on Sonora pass. It is just you and nature. The trees remain still as I meander down the hill. Contorted by snow and other natural events with colors springing high; green and white!

The peaks capture it all. Swooning the soul to infinite depths, bringing peace and perspective.The rock formations from water, drifting down the canyon way. Tanned and red rock drifting on a wall crossed with green shrubbery. Everything is in balance on Sonora pass and a small resource that could easily be lost. 

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