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Blue Light Special! Car Camping: Roadtrip June 2016

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Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves. ~John Muir

Location: Bishop, CA Kmart Parking lot

I remember waking up in the back of Lady (the prius), the sun rising over the Sierra Nevada Mountains behind the Kmart where we camped. The natural beauty began to overwhelm the small town and  you see, dear reader, Arizona and I had attempted to sleep in the desert the night before, a few miles outside Bishop. However, some of that natural beauty in the form of overgrown brush did not give Lady the headway which she needed. We had searched for about twenty minutes on some of the atv roads off 395 to no avail.

“It’s just not gonna work.” Arizona had said as we carefully drove along the dirt roads avoiding pot holes and jack rabbits scurrying abouts, “And the power lines. All it takes is one earthquake and fire! Not safe.”

She was right. I was disheartened that I would not be sleeping in the back brush away from the twinkling lights of society. However, not all trips turn out the way you plan. Life is like that and you have to adapt, making the best out of the situation. Honestly, it is one good rule of thumb if you are looking for a good spot to camp out either in tent or in a vehicle, try to avoid the towering monsters of power lines.  

At some point or another everyone has slept in a car. As a child my father would often place my sister and I in the back of the station wagon just to drive around our small town in order for us fussy sleepers to nod off. The soothing moment of the car was comforting. Car camping, van life, rving, sleeping in a tent while travelling on foot just are a few methods within the vast array of life that people choose to live. In this instance, the interiors of Lady have become my second home.  

So, to the Kmart parking lot it was! Blue light special in the corner, right behind the garden center. There were a few RV’s and minivans parked within our vicinity, nestling down for the night, near the base of the Sierras that overlooked the town. Arizona and I found our parking spot and as we escaped the car e stretched observing the sea of night over us. The stars were scattered throughout the sky; surprisingly the street lights went off one by one, giving up the view which the light pollution had been hiding. It was as if the night was saying, “Since this is your last night here, our gift to you.” More than likely the lighting system was set on a timer, however it was still a nice thought within the back of my mind. After Arizona and I set up the back seats with blankets and pillows for our comfort we soon fell asleep. The sounds of crickets building the white noise around us with the warm gossips of the wind blowing against our faces.

I awoke later to see the sun cresting over the peaks of the Sierra Mountains. They only seemed to be a hand touch away as I broke through my crusted sleep, my eyes attune to the brilliant rays beckoning all the colours as the darkness of night washed away.

The sun is rising high now ready for the grand excursions of the day. Although, we missed sunset last night as we sought sanctuary in Denny’s and ate heartily, watching the dance of the waitresses. We spoke of our dreams and liberties and I can only begin to understand than purely in this moment as the light touches my face. 

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