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Carson City Java: Roadtrip June 2016

Location: Carson City, NV

Carson City is an old gold rush town and the capital of Nevada. It was really in 1859 when the discovery of gold and silver nearby that caused Carson City’s populous to rise over the course of a few years. Businesses boomed  and the city bested some others in the Southwestern part of the United States. Of course, in 2016 there are more Starbucks than brothels.

So far on this venture folks seemed nicer here than elsewhere. Arizona and I stopped at a Grocery Outlet. The cry for coffee was too great with me and thankfully I spotted a  “Java Joint” across the parking lot. My mind was still crashing from the lack of sleep. Our pit stop in Reno just a few hours before did not help my swimming mind. I really was not on top of the fucking world and out of Guayaki tea.

The entire building was about the size of the small trailer of my traveling dreams. Once you entered the establishment to your right was the counter with a register. In front of you was a room about the size of a confessional. A place for cream and sugar for your coffee, a few chairs and tables. Enough space to confess your sins over your cup of joe.

There was an elderly gentleman and a young girl of about fourteen. Presumably the elderman was her grandfather. As I approached the counter the elder said’ “You want coffee don’t you?”

    “Yes Please.” I spoke politely with a yawn.


“Do you want cream?” The girl asked kindly glancing at the elder man.


“Yes, please fancy me up!” I said with a laugh.


“Ya know it rains in spots in this area. We had a nice burst last night!” The elder was seated in a fold out chair behind the counter. Both of his hands resting gently on his metal cane as he looked at me. His greying eyes reading each part of me.


“Oh yeah, my friend and I got caught in it around Bordertown.”


“Ya ain’t from around here are ya?”


“No.” I paused trying not to laugh, “Just traveling through. Came from Eugene yesterday to Reno and now onto Bishop.”


“Oh you from OregOn?” Missing a few words and over pronunctians he coughed slightly.


“No, California. North Bay.”


“California, eh! What brought you here?”


“Felt like sleeping in the parking lot of a casino and then decided to go for some Dutch pullaway cake in Bishop.”


He stared at my dumbfounded by my answer, “You are shitting me?”

“Partly. But really that is what we felt like doing.” I shrugged paying for my coffee and thanking the girl who was laughing and mortified by the elder.

 He smiled as I bid my farewells, “Safe travels then. Come back and give us more money.”


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