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Updates! The meaning of liff! And thank you! 

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Thank you all for the most recent likes and follows. Really it means a lot and you are all very beautiful people! I am working on getting a routine schedule down for posts. For now I am going to attempt three days a week. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Sometimes life can get busy at time when you are attempting to follow your passions, but have to maintain a regular work schedule within the world of retail. I am at this point attempting to freelance and get my feelers out there. However it is no easy task. But, I will always continue to look at all my options. We get this life and why not make the most of it while we are here. In the meantime I have a few longer pieces in the works that I am working around. For now this week are a few more stories on my five day excursion from Oregon to Bishop with Arizona. Both tales involve some fun times in the wilderness and Carson City. Thank you again! For now my other kitty Sumomo wanted to pop by and say hi while I work. 

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