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Eyes of the World at Mono Lake Basin: September 2016 Roadtrip

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Location: Mono Basin, Lee Vining, CA

Along 395 North, the tales of Bishop and my experiences in the desert leaving farther and farther behind with each mile we made.

We stopped at the Mono Basin Scenic Visitor Center. Unfortunately I didn’t find anything kitsch in their small gift shop I figured friends would like. The books lining the shelves exploring Yosemite and parts of Owens valley made me long for the lower deserts I had only begun to explore a day before.

However, the view of the depleting desert lake with a unique ecosystem. Mono Lake Basin is a heavy salt lake. Due to the lack of an outlet this is how the salt accumulates. It has been the recent droughts combined with the diversion of waters sources from Los Angeles bleeding into the ecosystem that has caused the lake to start receding. It was both disturbing and breathtaking at the sight.

Due to the concentration of salt in this alkaline lake it causes the reproduction of brine shrimp which allows for annual migratory birds to stop and feed along their paths. It was nature, herself, that formed such a unique ecological system through her geology and volcanic activities over millions of years.

With the impact global warming and climate change this is depleting natural resources here. It is a sad human factor and yet, I spend most of my time observing the earth and the insects who were hard at work following nature’s course, attempting to survive. It is our duty to take form and rise to protect our natural wonders. 

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