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Carry on my wayward son: Roadtrip September 2016

Location: Last Day in Bishop,CA

I have been awake for a few hours packing and preparing for our journey back to the bay area. I have a few other stories I am working on with my experience to Death Valley, even if it was only brief. I know I will come here again soon.

I went outside to watch the sun capture the Eastern Sierras, coffee slipping through my lips. As the heat began to rise I ended up speaking with Leeloo more so than just in passing. She has grown up off grid and possesses many experiences with her husband and kids in tow. She moved to Bishop with her squad just three months ago wanting a change from her prior youth to growing up on the Grand Canyon. She has had such an avid life that most would be envious of. I knew I was.

“Do you want a job?” She smiled dangling a cigarette in her hand, a great balance with a cup of coffee in the other.

“What?” I blinked, searching her face for some sort of confirmation that she was fucking with me.

“Do you want a job? You heard me right. If you want to move here, I can set you up with a room and part time work here tending to the guests.” She laughed at my quizzical expression.

“I—Uh—I…” The battle raged within me, the opposition to say ‘YES!’ on the spot, while the reality of what was still waiting for me in the Bay Area stood, stonewalled, not moving. “I—if it were different for me now, the answer would be yes. However, there is still much for me to do before I am ready to start this chapter in my life.” I paused looking down. The wall stood and I wanted to cry.

“They will get there with you someday.” Leeloo placed her hand on my shoulder.

I stared at her, jaw dropped, “How—”

“It’s usually the case.” She smiled as she threw her cigarette on the ground, stomping on it, “Just remember as long as I am here, you are welcomed anytime.”

I feel centered with the memories of the valley painted forever within me. The epic landscape as the sunset where the sky seemed to meet the earth as a whole. The several Joshua trees I saw are a beacon of what I will accomplish. When the time is right I will come home. For now I will write and work, till the day arrives when I will accomplish all of my dreams that stand. 

4 Replies to “Carry on my wayward son: Roadtrip September 2016”

    1. Its hard for me to remember to be patient in these instances. The lust and passion for travel and yet I have to remain in one spot for the time being. Days like yesterday from my job leave me feeling dejected, but then I remember moments like this piece and I know that someday…someday ❤

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      1. It is hard. That feeling of being somewhere else than where you would rather be. But I am guessing you are a fighter and you shall get there someday. I keep telling myself the same thing over and over again nowadays. Be strong x

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