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The Politics of Ryan Reynold’s Ass: Roadtrip June 2016

Location: Eugene, Oregeon

The sunset was an epic display of enchantment; lighting the sky with hues of burning oranges, pinks, and blues washing out into the oncoming night. The reality is that time passes us all. It is how we choose to invest that time and from the very foundations of our core Arizona and I were but powerless to submit in awe at the natural display of light. The beginning to an end in what seemed like a moment. The skies were open to the many achievements that nature,herself, had to offer.

As night claimed the day I spent sometime by a bonfire speaking with some of the theatre folks from No Shame. The heat had dissipated from the Christmas Tree farm as the night wore on, easy the folks into a chipper drinking mood. One woman, Anna, is one of the most thought provoking women I have ever met.

“I am a firm believer in the soul,” she spoke deeply, swigging from a flask of a potent drink her long grey hair tumbled over her shoulder as we sat by the fire.

With a for acting she gently slipped in and out of character with ease. Staging a Russian accent as she spoke of her younger days when she was a brilliant dancer, “I knew all my moves!” Her brow furrowed as she took another sip from her flask, “My teacher only had to instruct me once! From allegro to a plie! My form was perfect!” She shouted, standing to her feet. Her arms raised in the air as her eyes shouted at me. It was difficult to determine if Anna was, in fact, a ballet dancer at one point or if this was her character.

However in the realm of reality away from the farm she was a baker. “The pastry arts!” She said with a laugh as her accent faded to a slight New Jersey twang.  “I have enjoyed baking for as long as I can remember. It’s a craft that I seemed to have a knack for when nothing else seemed to work. My kids especially enjoyed it when I had this interview at Disneyland.”

“Disneyland?” I asked once their was a break from her stories.

“Yeah! I spent a week there! Never been. I took my daughter and granddaughter. While they played in the various parks, I spent the first few days in the kitchen baking and performing for my interview. Have you ever been to Disneyland?”

I shook my head.

“They are fucking magical! They have the cleanest and biggest kitchens I have ever seen! There were cleaning products for the cleaning products! Everything was proper and organised! It was a dream!” The swoon in her voice, slightly, gave away the depths of her passion for baking and her family. She smiled, “I should hear from them soon. This would be a better life for me and the kiddos.” She glanced up at the sky.

We had many conversations and it was difficult to keep up with it all.  From local politics to gender identity to art to Ryan Reynold’s ass, she spoke with such enlightenment.

“I don’t care what anyone says! You could bounce a quarter off it and I would vote for any man for president with that kind of ass. Fuck all these guys! That man!” She grinned, placing her hand on her cheek, “He is welcome to dance with me any time.” She slipped back into her Russian accent.

She yawned slightly and I knew it was that moment for me to depart as well.

“Thank you.” I placed my hand on hers, “I will always look forward to our conversations.”

“No problem, sweetie. You get some rest!” Her New Jersey accent slurred through.

Through the darkness I walked back to my tent admiring the stars as they graced me through the cloud cover. Humans are capable of fantastic notions and yet most of the time we are still stuck. We have A formations that know no bounds and yet are these complex creatures who preside over what’s quick and easy all the while grabbing onto as much money as we can for materials that really won’t bring true joy. It can go as far as hanging onto resentment and the fallacies that are supposed to make us feel the need for more. But, what if “more” was simply dreaming? That is, to continue onward towards the stars through any positive motives or ambitions we long for. Similar to Anna.  Dancing our way to a brilliant future and lusting after Ryan Reynold’s ass.

3 Replies to “The Politics of Ryan Reynold’s Ass: Roadtrip June 2016”

  1. “Humans are capable of fantastic notions and yet most of the time we are still stuck.” That line carries the core of it, isn’t it? Loved reading the post, Cherry. On the accusation of being deemed frivolous, I would toe her line about Reynold.

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