RogueMuirHead: Photography and Writing

When The Scenery Absorbs you: Roadtrip September 2016

Location: Bishop, CA


I haven been up for a few hours. The sun was rising high with the little world of Bishop beginning to stir. Arizona is ill and has been under a great deal of stress lately. We will be staying at the Mountainview Motel for another night. From the parking lot the Eastern Ridge of the Sierra Nevada mountains watch over the stride of Bishop along 395. The peaks possess little to no snow, and the name of our motel provides no lies.

We are both getting tattooed today and plan on heading to Death Valley for a few hours; provisions are being packed. That is lots of water and some snacks. We will mostly be visiting just the outskirts of Death Valley, driving out to Stovepipe Wells just as the sun will set. I can only wonder how the experience will be.

I hear the whispers. The vibe of the desert calling out to me, pleading me to stay. I want to!

How I want to fall into the depths of the landscape, getting ost amongst the landscape.

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