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And the Winds begin to Howl: SF Trip 21 May 2017

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Location: San Francisco, CA

I went on drive with Arizona to visit our friends, Barney and Green in San Francisco. Their beloved cat, Osaka, of many years has an ailment which cannot be fixed. Therefore, she may soon leave this wicked, beautiful world. 

Its been almost a month since I last saw them. They came to visit me the night I left for Death Valley with T2 and Arizona. Since then many things have changed and rolled on with our lives. You are witness to that, dear reader. As you read this and the many pages of internet space I am beginning to fill.

Over cups of smoking rich and murderous black cups of coffee we chatted. Our conversations waned on memories of our time together onward to potential future opportunities. Barney is working on a new comic desiring to stray from fiction and focus on nonfiction biographies and social justice issues. He has such a brilliant voice, after undergoing and witnessing the destruction of our time as an artist he refuses to stand idly by. Green has been assisting his love on the editing side while tending to his garden and may return to school at some point. All the while we reminisced and engaged, their minds were occupied by the slow breaths of Osaka, sleeping soundly on the bed as the fog began to drift across the city.   

It was because of them I wound up in California. In October of 2013, Barney and I made one the greatest adventures of our lives. Packing what T2 and I owned in his pick up truck, my two cats included, we journeyed across the United States to our new home. It took us six days with a few stops along the way, but it was one of my favourite moments with Barney. T2 had flown out a few days before with Osaka in a cat carrier, awaiting our arrival in San Francisco. 

“She was such a quiet kitty for those five hours.” He said sweetly as he petted  her head. Osaka’s ears perked up, flinching slightly as she sighed slowly at his familiar touch.

We all just nodded softly, glancing out the window. On the horizon we could see the direction the Golden Gate Bridge stood, however a dense wall of fog rose up from the bay, blocking our view. The thick cloud began to snake across the horizon, surrounding the skyscrapers as it built its natural form. The sun attempted to peer through the condensed moisture as the air began to cool drastically from the previous seventy-five degrees. Its rays refracted from the water emitting from the fog creating a spectacular display of pinks upon oranges igniting the darkening skies. There was no escaping the night that would soon come for the city. It was the end of day and the oncoming fog only hastened time’s movement.

We sat in their small apartment, off Folsom Street, catching up as we watched Osaka sleep soundly. The winds howled in with the beat of the fog. The sun bowing to the darkness and our own stories forming from here. 

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