The Girl with the Rainbow Hair: Roadtrip September 2016

Location: Bishop, CA


We checked in at The Mountain View Motel. Arizona and I are getting tattooed tomorrow and her hip feeling a bit wonky. She is the main driver our journeys and we figured a cheap motel would not be a bad idea for the night.

Possible desert camping will occur tomorrow but alas due to time management and the fact that I do work retail currently we won’t be making it too far down 395 but at least to Big Pine. If we could go just further to Lone Pine, turn left onto 190 I would have a moment to just peer out onto the outskirts Death Valley. This is a place I have never been, but I feel as if the desert calls me and I must go. John Muir felt the same about the mountains. Edward Abbey about Monument Valley. I really do feel at home here and really wish I could do a longer visit.

Or even to live here…there.

I attempted to book the room online, however the app on my tablet was being fidgety. So we just drove down 395 (the main street in Bishop) turned right past the Giggle Springs too convience mart and there on the left was the forlorn Mountain View Motel.

A girl, not quite eighteen, with multi-layer rainbow hair checked us in. She loved our sense of style and was quite glad we treated her like a human.

“Do you often have guests who check in treat you poorly?” I had asked her as she handed me back my credit card.

She shrugged, “Most people take one look at me, because of my age or my hair and just assume I ‘need my mommy.’” She smirked, “The troglodytes, however have no idea I am studying to be herpetologist!” She grinned with pride.

Herpetology: The study of amphibians and reptiles

She gave us the online price because we in fact treated her as such. Human.

I think this is something that people forget sometimes. Selfish consumption of capitalistic ideals and violent nature makes us forget that we are all human. Humans who possess the same blood, the same nervous system, the same evolutionary past. And yet, class, politics, gender, sex, race, creed all seem to make us forget that.

This trip so far has not gone exactly as planned. Didn’t expect to take a shower quite soon after leaving North Bay. I’m going to do some research on this evening and see how far we may be able to get to Death Valley. Just to be close I think part of my soul will be released.


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