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No Shame in Christmas Tree Farming: Roadtrip Eugene 4 June 2016

Location: Eugene, OR, Former Christmas Tree Farm outskirts of the city


We arrived at this old Christmas tree farm yesterday. It’s quiet and beautiful with pine trees  lined up perfectly in a few parts along the property line. We traveled down a rocky, windy path the trees bowing with the passing of the warm breath, brushing up against Lady, Arizona’s mighty prius. The country lane enveloped us as we drove further. However, after a few minutes the lane began to widen and we were greeted by a little hideaway paradise. Complete with a lagoon, the brilliant open spaces were far from the cityscape of Eugene.

As we began to wonder exploring the property there nestled between a group of the trees was a trailer; old and worn but still indicative of someone living in there. I did not venture into that abode. A gentleman by the name of Lawrence and his partner, Virgil resided there. Virgil was hiding away the entire time. Lawrence indicated his love was angry because there were heterosexual couples camping out on the property. I later found out both were horribly bullied as children for being different. Society is growing, coming far, however at times it is quite difficult to escape the nightmares of the past and trust what the future might bring. I do not blame Virgil at all and I do applaud Lawrence for pushing past his demons. Especially in a beautiful red, satin shawl.

I noticed that some folks were planting a weed patch next door to the farm. Oregon is legal now. Basically, as long as you have valid identification, any dispensary will allow you in but, the marijuana will be expensive. Those who have a medical card get the cheaper rate, which is pretty fucking important for well being. My friends, Barney and Green would have loved this!* Arizona and I got them some edible gifts, though we are both silently praying we don’t get pulled over in Nevada. (Essentially, during this trip we were covering three states in just five days.)

There was a little gazebo lit up with old coke memorabilia. In front, resided a small path leading to a lagoon where fishes live, mostly carp and possibly some trout. There, you can go swimming with a few diving spots. And, lingering on the post of the high dive a sign that reads “No skinny dipping alone.”

This is a special place that has belonged to one family for many generations. The farm has been in the family since 1871 and in the seventies the owner used to have sexy gay parties. The original parcel of land was significantly larger but bits of it were sold off to the county.Through the high grass you can see elements of the road, with few cars driving by. Unknown to them, you are there lurking, under the christmas pines, the heated breeze blowing through in your own little paradise.

At night stars capture and you are cast under the great darkness the skies have to offer. They encase you in their vast expanse, igniting and twinkling, making you question your very existence of who you came to be. Electricity may run through you, your eyes unyielding to the different portions that are be combined. This, here in the mountains of Oregon. Imagine what the desert will be like tomorrow.

*(AN: Since this was written California has become legal beyond the medicinal use. However there are still battles to be won.) 

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