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Washup In a Subway: Roadtrip September 2016

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Location: Sonora, CA​


Stopped for rest around 5am at a Grochery outlet parking lot in Sonora on the crest of the Sierras. Safety in numbers or just being smart, when you need to pull off to rest sometimes parking lots of stores can be your best friend. Especially when we awoke at 7am with the urgency to pee. Grocery Outlet, however, did not open till 8am; thankfully there was a Subway. 

As soon as we exited the car to relieve our senses there was a big sign on the door, “restroom for paying customers only!” I entered with Arizona. A young guy with long dark hair greeted us. Slightly hating himself for being up so early he half heartily smiled. I indicated the great needed for coffee, but the restroom was a must.  

 “How do you want me to do this dance?” I placed my hand on the counter, staring at him with a tired glaze in my eyes.  

“The sign was really to scare off homeless people.” He said with a smile.  

“Didn’t expect a homeless person in a prius! Did ya?!” Arizona had wanted to say, she grinned through the statement in her mind as she later told me what she had been thinking.  

I used their mirrorless bathroom. In its place was a  sign that said employees must wash hands. A good thought as I looked at my Dr. Bronner’s magic soap. Perfect use for a bird bath. When I came out the young gent gave me coffee and apologised for the water down complition that Subway took for coffee. He also indicated they had only powered coke or rather creamer to put in it. 

“However,” he said “You can have the rest of my chocolate milk if you want.” 

When a young man offers you his chocolate milk in the early morning ,after you just bathed in the bathroon of his restraunt you better fucking take it. The sun is rising over this little busy town. 3.5 hours away from the high desert. Time to hit the road again.

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