RogueMuirHead: Photography and Writing

Airport Coversastions: July 2015

Location: San Francisco Airport

I have been up since 4am. So, far people are functioning listlessly and airport shit is expensive. It has been a while since I have travelled by plane. Coming out to the west coast I drove. But, still $5 for a bottle of water seems grossly unreasonable! 

There are two female flight attendents to my right, waiting to go to work and fly out. The wide windows show the rising sun and the remarkable bohemoths that will fly us to our next destination. 

As the sun’s rays reach their heights he flight attendents are having a heated discussion about how “Greg” can go fuck himself. Since I am within earshot of this tyraid, Greg can go fuck himself too. Of course as soon as its time to play the role, they wll be on that plane daintly smiling, showing me the exits in the event of an emergency, offering me $5 bottles of water. But, hey at least they have “a new roof and solar panels.” 

“I feel your pain girl.”

One of the flight attendents exclaims. “I actually looked at electrical wiring. Big grey box, I got to put it…”

“Oh yeah I get that!” The other retorts.

“Well I secured it to the one of the screws and put two new screws in. I think I’m going to hire an electrition.”

“I hired a personal contractor. Tried it myself.”

Time to board for the East Coast. 

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