RogueMuirHead: Photography and Writing

Starman: 3 June 2016

Location: Highway 5 rest area, one hour outside Eugene, Oregon.


 Arizona and I crashed outside a rest area along side other weary travellers. The lack of lights gave way for the night’s natural prowless. In our sleep deprived state, as we gazed up at the clear skies the stars ignited the around the darkened rest area, bleeding with such brilliance in a cosmic symphony. Specks of flickering gases burning in unison bringing us closer to our own dreams, to our own journeys which we would take. 

Through the darkness the trees line the highway capturing our own little world at this rest area. While the remainder of the human populus here slept, we saw the elegant formations of the cosmos reacting to our sleepless voyeurism.  I believe I saw the Milky Way through a cloud of stars as they built upon each other over the open sky. An event I thought I would never be fortunate to see. Then again due to the lack of sleep it could have been my own excitement and anticipation. Whatever the case may be, through the brilliant cascades the flow showed, capturing many constellations in its wake. With the shere force of this star struck existence, I felt that Ziggy was truly playing guitar.

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