RogueMuirHead: Photography and Writing

Through the Woods: 2 June 2016 

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Location: Highway 101 Northbound


Have entered an entire redwood forest after passing through Willits, an old logging town, filled with memories of human strife and “home of the wolverines.” As one High School supportively shouted from their rusting sign. Hippies with money come here. Still some dilapidated shops and closed factories. But a community still standing. The sun disappears amongst the aged trees. The air is fresher than I have tasted before. This truly is an icon of life and peace. I turned off my mobile. No reception, so why bother? The legend of Bigfoot begins here, existing (possibly) with a multitude of wood carvings. I saw what must have been the world’s largest lawn nome. Let guinness figure that shit out. Humbolt County, 73 miles outside of Eureka, CA 

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