RogueMuirHead: Photography and Writing

Location: SF Bay Area, “Shady Oaks”

Today was a glorious and sunny day in the North Bay area. With the sun’s brilliant rays people left their houses in their vehicles, setting forth on a variety of activities including park events, beach time and of course the ever fascinating shopping sprees. However, it was during my volunteer work today that I had the chance to observe a group of squirrels skittering around in a safe haven known as “Shady Oaks.” 

The California gray squirrel looks, well like your average squirrel but gray. Still that fluffy tail and the cute adorableness that one does not quite want to mess with. Lest you be judged by the chaos that they may reign. Truth is squirrels aren’t that evil, then again the cute little critters do have a way to protect themselves when in numbers. 

Today I had the chance to observe three. Casting between the shade of the twiste oak tree branches and the rays on the rocks. The sunlight offered a sense of renewal for them from the most recent rain batter we have been having here on the west coast. Keeping their eyes on me, they paid no mind to me, the voyeur in they playful antics. The breeze sung in their direction allowing the heat from to disipate quietly as the birds gazed on with the chirps from above. 

One broke away from the band of three, hopping onto the massive boulders that lay under the oak. Hopping on each one carefree without an urge to run and hide from any oncoming predators. Then it stopped on one, caught in direct sunlight through a break in the trees. Then stretching out its body, its hind quarters in the air in a downward dog pose, it seemed to almost sigh as it eventually collapsed in the baking glow of the sun. 

The sun bathing squirrel having no fears for a moment. No worries about how quickly it mind overspend its checking out on rent. No lapse in judgement if it forgot its smart phone in the car. Just a moment of pure bliss on this passive day. Sometimes we should downward dog it and pretend we are squirrels. 

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