RogueMuirHead: Photography and Writing

All the Playground’s a stage, 7 Sept 2016

Location: Bishop, CA 395 South

In Bishop. Got here not too long ago but some sustenance was needed at the Dutch Bakery. I observed a homeless man wondering around. Possibly unsure of what he needed. I gave him one of my granola bars. He seemed genuinely surprised at such an act. His tan complexion and long graying beard showed he had been travelling for some time. Months possibly, years even. As he meandered through the sea of greedy people no one seemed to take notice of him. They just continued among their mundane conversation and their boorish treatment of humanity. He remained listless as he flowed continuously checking out everything in his path.

The breeze is cooler here today than it was in June. Brought on by the smokey from a nearby fire. Dust and grime that mix in the dry air. There is a grandmother and grandson next to Arizona and I. She fiddles on her phone while her grandson plays alone on the jungle gym. She speaks to him in broken Spanish. Possibly attempting to educate him. He asks her to play hide and seek.

“Why would I do that?”
“because I want to.” he responds.
“But that would mean I like you.”

Arizona and I chuckle at the hopeful humor. She tells him that she needs to finish working on something on her cellphone. And to go on the playground. He unwitting abides. She glances up from her phone occasionally. Her eyes focused on her work. Her fairly long finger nails, fresh manicure attempting to juggle the case and tap the sensitive screen as her grandson grunts leaping on the gym.

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